uPick: Crowdsourcing Based Approach to Extract Relations Among Named Entities


Despite the advancement in the information extraction area, the task of identifying associated relations among named entities within a text document remains a significant challenge. Existing automated approaches lack human precision and they also struggle to handle erroneous documents. In this paper, we propose a crowdsourcing-based approach to improve the accuracy of the generated relations from the existing extraction techniques. Our idea is to gather judgments on the extracted relations of an article from the interested users. By contributing, the users in return remember the facts related to a document. This paper presents the complete design of the approach along with a user study done with twelve participants. Results show that the users rated the proposed system positively and were willing to contribute their time and energy for the task.

5min presentation at Open-Data Camp, Hyderabad Meet 2012

5min presentation from Deepti Aggarwal

Presentation at IndiaHCI 2012

Upick from Deepti Aggarwal