Below I list my teaching and learning related activities.


Professional Development

In 2018, I undertook the Tutor and Demonstrator Professional Development Training, a 6-week course for staff with tutoring responsibilities. This training involved face-to-face seminars on different strategies to make tutoring engaging and effective, and peer-group feedback on my tutoring activities.



I have been responsible for the teaching and administration of the following tutorials:

  • SIT216 User Centred Design, Deakin University, 2023
  • INF090006 Fieldwork for Design, University of Melbourne, 2018


I have been responsible for marking in the following courses:

  • ISYS90051 Impacts of Digitisation, University of Melbourne, 2018
  • ISYS90085 Interaction Design and Usability, University of Melbourne, 2017

Guest Lectures

I have been invited to give guest lectures in the following subjects:

  • Technology Innovation Project (INFO90010), University of Melbourne, 2023 (Host: A/Prof Jenny Waycott)
  • Hosted the Panel Discussion in Fieldwork for Design (INF090006), University of Melbourne, 2018 (in the absence of the lecturer)
  • Fieldwork for Design (INF090006), University of Melbourne, 2018 (Host: Dr Jenny Waycott)
  • Design Thinking (MGMT90223), University of Melbourne, 2018 (Host: Prof. Frank Vetere)
  • Usability Engineering (INFO30004), University of Melbourne, 2018 (Host: Prof. Martin Gibbs)

Oral Presentations

I have been active in presenting my work to multidisciplinary audience in HCI and health domain. I have delivered oral presentations at the following venues:

  • Centre for Health Informatics, Macquarie University, Sydney, 2020
  • Interaction Design Lab, University of Melbourne, 2017
  • CIS Doctoral Colloquium 2017, University of Melbourne
  • CHI 2017, USA [Slides]
  • Dept. of Anaesthesia and Pain Management, Royal Children’s Hospital, 2017 (Host: Dr. George Chalkiadis)
  • Microsoft Research Cambridge, 2017 (Host: Kenton O’Hara)
  • Pain Management Centre, University College London Hospital, 2017 (Host: Dr. Diarmuid Denneny)
  • UCL Interaction Center, London, 2017 (Host: Prof. Nadia Berthouze)
  • Interaction Design Lab Seminar, University of Melbourne, 2017
  • CHI 2017, USA [Slides]
  • DIS 2016, Brisbane [Slides]
  • CHI 2016 Doctoral Consortium, San Jose
  • OzCHI 2015, Melbourne [Slides]
  • Health XL Hackathon on Aging 2015, Melbourne [Slides]
  • CHI 2015 (Workshop), Korea
  • Interaction Design Lab Seminar, University of Melbourne, 2014 [Slides]
  • CIS Doctoral Colloquium, University of Melbourne 2014-2017
  • IndiaHCI 2012, India
  • USID 2011, India
  • OpenData Camp - Hyderabad Meet, 2012 [Video]


I have supervised the following students:

  • Mentoring of the 10th grade experience students at The University of Melbourne, June 2018
  • Weiyi Zhang (Masters Project, Dec. 2015 - May 2016), “Real-time data visualization system for smart socks”, Co-supervised with Dr. Thuong Hoang
  • Kartikey Vyas & Deep Dixit (B.Tech Project, Feb. 2012 - May 2013), “Developing Ontological Framework for Alipi”, Co-supervised with Prof. Venkatesh Choppella

Courses I can teach